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7 Contributors in Skin Damage

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Our skin is one of the most incredible organs of the body that helps to protect the core organs from potential danger. There are many enemies of the skin that can wreak havoc causing skin damage in several instances. Due to a busy life style and ill eating habits, signs of aging are often seen on the skin. The first thing that is usually affected is damage to the eye. Anti-aging eye gel can be applied to effectively reduce the appearance of damage.

In addition, skin damage is prevalent due to pollution, sun rays, smoke, and many other environmental factors. Therefore, proper measure must be taken in order to prevent these problems from arising. Damaged skin can also be properly treated with a Vitamin C eye gel.

Reasons behind skin damage

  1. Free radicals

    Lots of things are heard about the free radicals. However, the true nature of these elements is known by very few people. Free radicals are a kind of unstable molecule, with oxygen-derived radicals being of most concern to humans. It is important to remember the fact that free radicals can be found almost everywhere, even being created within the body. Therefore, it’s necessary to be cautious. Pollution and pesticides can be a major source of free radicals. Free radicals can produce a very negative effect on the skin, causing it to age faster than is natural. However, don’t fret! With the use of anti-oxidants, problems can be resolved. Multi-vitamin skin care products that include Vitamin C and E can be used to combat these effects.  
  1. Sun exposure

    One of the most well-known facts is that UV rays damage the skin. Collagen is broken down in addition to elastin. Smooth appearance of the skin can be affected as a result. Elastin helps to maintain the plump look of the skin. Pigmentation and brown spots can appear as well. Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer due to lack of protection. Moisturizer and sun block with SPF must be used to avoid sun damage.
  1. Smoking

    Both wrinkles and lines in the skin can be increased incessantly with smoking. The symptoms and effects of smoking can often be seen through the skin. The increase in the number of wrinkles can be observed as well. Constriction in blood vessels is seen due to smoking, restricting the proper amount of oxygen to pass through. The effects of smoking on the skin may be irreversible.
  1. Facial movement of repetitive nature

    Smile a lot? Then you probably have already developed a few laugh lines.  The chances of developing wrinkles and lines increase the more that you smile, and the more you age. But wait! You don’t need to stop smiling and laughing in order to make these lines go away. Simply use Vitamin C eye gel to gradually remove the lines.
  1. Irritable chemicals

    Due to use of harsh detergent, the skin around the eyes can become very irritated, causing redness, roughness, and dryness. It is important to make sure that you are paying attention to your skin regimen and if any new products may cause breakouts. People with sensitive skin are the most affected. Therefore, skin care products must be chosen and used carefully.
  1. Chlorine

    Swimming in chlorine filled pools can cause problems on the skin. Moisture can be stripped off from the skin as a result. Therefore, vitamin C eye gel can be used on any given occasion.
  1. Never sleep with make-up on

    Signs of aging and breakouts are often noticed due to a bad habit of sleeping with make-up on. Make-up accelerates the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We recommend that you fully take your make-up off with a make-up wipe and make sure to wash your face!

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